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Thursday, August 14, 2008

How do you celebrate 35? Ask Miss Adrienne!

On July 26th, Adrienne and her many friends partied hard to celebrate her coming of age. At 35, Adrienne partied like she was a fresh 21 and she looked good doing it.

The theme of the party was to celebrate the 70's in all its glory (and I have to agree being born in the 70's myself). Like a true glamour girl, there was a brief clothing change to continue the night in style.
Like any true party, the company of good friends, continuous good music, and a plethora of the finest in liquor the party continued into the night and on the dance floor.

It was a great party and Adrienne truly enjoyed herself..the smiles throughout the night proved it. Happy Birthday Adrienne! Will see you on your next big day!!!



Photography by Stacie's Fan Box

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