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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby, Baby, Baby....

I love photographing children!! Please do not break your monitors as you try to pinch the cheeks of these cutie pies you're about to see.

Meet Charlotte. She was the beautiful addition to the oh so cute Santiago family. This little angel was such a good baby, that even I held her and she just drooled happily on my arm. I think daddy is going to have some trouble from boys :).

Meet Jonah. This cutie pie was the new addition (and boy #3) to the Jasper family. He enjoyed being in his mommy's arms and was such a gentle baby. I think the only wimper I heard was because he was hungry..lol.

Meet Mr. Riley. This cutie pie (a new addition to the Jones family and also boy #3), was much younger when I saw him last--but NOW 1 is around the corner and he loves the camera. I had a ball with Riley, he is such the flirt and a handsome little fella who enjoys hide and seek and crawling really fast toward me.



Photography by Stacie's Fan Box

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