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Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Intro to an Engagement Session…

Your engagement session is approaching. Here are few tips to get ready to make the most of your day.

1. Location: Choose a location that represents you as a couple. If you hate sand and water, then the beach would not be ideal. We can visit multiple places if they are within a 5 mile radius of the original location.

2. Wardrobe: I always get asked: “What should we wear?” I say “Wear what you feel good in”. Although, I don’t mean sweats and flip flops! Avoid fabrics that become “wrinkly” easily, such as linen. Try not to wear clothing with patterns or colors that are too busy or light colored bottoms (sitting in grass or on rocks will cause stains). As you are planning your wardrobe, consider clothing that compliments what you both are wearing. Denim, soft colors, and neutrals (black, brown, etc.) always work. Also, keep in mind the location(s) of the session. If we are hiking through a forest, you may not want to wear a dress and heels or a suit and dress shoes. If in doubt, bring a backup outfit. Plan to carry light items, so keep the purse/bag, cell phones in the car. I can carry other small items, such as keys or chapstick, in my bag.

3. Appearance: ALWAYS bring lipgloss/chapstick, lotion, mirror, small comb/brush. I will be doing close ups so it’s best to be prepared if skin gets dry or hair gets misplaced. Also, get some rest. I want to go everywhere in our selected location so be ready to walk, most people end up tired after our session so be sure you are well rested.

4. Be prepared to have fun. This session is for you. Nothing is too goofy or mushy. I want you to have pictures that make you smile for years to come.



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